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Your Skin Loves Steam

steam | Your Skin Loves Steam | skin care 101 at home spa

Winter is a great time to start a steam shower ritual. It’s getting colder outside (for most of us) and skin tends to dehydrate a bit easier this time of year. (We will also be using our heaters, taking extra hot showers, and celebrating with sugary treats and drinks.)

I have been taking full advantage of the steam shower in my local gym for the past couple weeks and I am already feeling the results, so I thought I’d post about the tremendous skin benefits of steaming!

Steam showers provide a wet heat, and are my preference for colder, winter months because they are a bit more hydrating for the skin than dry heat saunas. I steam almost every client when they come in for a facial because the steam helps to increase circulation and cleanses the pores better than any topical product out there. Regular steaming throughout the week will help to prolong the benefits of your facials.

Increase in circulation:
While you are relaxing in a steam bath, your body’s basal temperature is rising and circulation is increasing. This increase brings fresh, nutrient rich blood to the skin and encourages the production of collagen protein which is essential for skin strength. The increase in circulation will also aid in detoxification of the skin as the blood returns to the heart.

Increase in perspiration:
The increase in body temperature will almost instantly start the cooling process meant to regulate internal temperature balance. This cooling process, known as sweating, is by far the best natural deep pore cleanser we have. Sweating allows for the elimination of toxins and will remove excess oil, debris, ans dead skin cells that may be trapped in the pores. For more information, read The Benefits of Sweating.

steam1 | Your Skin Loves Steam | skin care 101 at home spa

Steam Shower Tips:

  • Make sure your skin is clean before steaming to further enhance deep cleansing of the pores.
  • Keep your hair up and out of your face to avoid any hair product residue on your skin.
  • Have plenty of cool (not COLD) purified drinking water available while steaming.
  • Dry brush your skin prior to steaming for enhanced benefits.
  • Add 2-3 drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil to the steam (if possible)
  • Apply a hair mask or deep conditioner to wet, clean hair while steaming.
  • Take a cool shower after steaming to close pores and restore temperature balance (preferably in a shower with a filter)
  • Don’t overdo it. Stay in the steam for as long as it takes to get a good sweat, but do not overstay your welcome – we don’t want you to overheat!
  • Steaming is not for moms-to-be or those with heart conditions.