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Reputation as an Industry Leader

The reputation you built for your destination or day spa is a challenged every day by your competition. Clients coming to a resort or spa and taking advantage of the spa facilities are experienced in receiving spa services. When they go home they want to brag about the fabulous time they had on vacation and not just about being refreshed and want to continue these treatments. Sharing the experience and telling about a new and excellent treatment or healing modality they had at your spa caps off the telling.

The competition is high for attracting clients and ones that have memorable experiences are likely to return. If the stories they tell are good enough, these satisfied guests will send friends your way. The hard part for you is making sure you are offering the highest quality and desirable treatments.

Creativity and upgrading are your best resources for keeping ahead of the curve. Some of the newest therapies being offered are some of the oldest healing arts. Adding and changing services while maintaining the highest quality in core offerings keeps guests interested and coming back.

When you are ready to begin planning for expanded service offerings or to refresh the programs offered at you spa, an experienced consultant would facilitate your process as well as promote the best possible training. Having access to resources and contacts, and being knowledgeable about industry trends, a professional spa consultant can help you design a suite of services that fits your operation.

At Saga Fitness, we are seeing the successful introduction of services that include Sound Healing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch Meditation, Posture Training and others. We work with Dr. Buathon Thienarrom of the Sukkasart Hua Hin in Thailand for developing spa concepts that incorporate new in depth training for these modalities.

Knowing how to include and implement new therapies with the highest quality in your operation is key to the success of your offering. A program of services that incorporates unusual and healing treatments will enhance your reputation as an industry leader. Guests who experience new services will spread the word that your spa is the one to go to for vacation or to visit for ongoing benefits while at home.