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For Lisa and her team vision is the art of seeing things invisible, and therefore imagination, inspiration and extensive research combine in their effort to arrive at a concept that integrates the Client’s vision and produces a unique spa or wellness center.

For Spa Réveil in Austin, TX it was the Client’s desire to combine her Asian background with influences from the Middle East with European water therapies. Saga’s vision of integrating a Moroccan Bath with hydrotherapies, gave the Client a totally unique concept with therapies ranging from a Hammam and Moroccan scrubbing / cleansing treatments to authentic European hydrotherapy.

Thanks to her extensive work and travel around the world, Lisa can fully emerge herself in the country and the environment of the region and arrive at spa-, wellness and training concepts that are inspired by the culture of the area and The Sense of Place and always beyond the Client’s expectation. As such she was able to explore and implement an authentic Thalasso Spa at Ihilani Resort and Spa in Hawaii (the only authentic Thalassotherapy spa in the US besides Gurneys’s Inn,NY).

Saga uses various cultural influences to create a special vision and context for a wellness spa, such as Arabic poetry by Assud Ali for SPA NOOR, (“Spa of Light”) in Dubai where Light is used as its central theme: “With Your gift of light, I enwrap myself, and contemplate”.

In every project the Saga team will consult with the Client and Client’s team and guide the planning process. With careful consideration of the site, location, cost implications for various options for the spa and/or wellness center and facility, planning proceeds, form and function follows for the development of an effective and practical plan for optimal guest service implementation.