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Health Spa Design and Spa Development


  • Market Assessment

 – Philosophy and Identity
– Theme and Environmental Concept
– Demographic Considerations
– Financial Feasibility Studies
– Develop Market Oriented Programs

  • Space Allocation; Spa Dimensions

 – Selection of Equipment and Products

Concept and criteria development for the property are essential to best serve the purpose and need of a hotel, resort or day spa and the layout and circulation patterns must efficiently serve all program components. Development of a theme as it relates to both spiritual and physical planning is an important part of the process provided by the Saga Team.

Program components are developed to include appropriate service-therapy and program menu, fitness and beauty; and will in turn allow decisions to be made as to equipment specifications and technical information for all specialized hydrotherapy, beauty, fitness and therapy equipment. From concept to design development, Saga Fitness works closely with its own or project architects on floor plans, especially on details related to electrical, plumbing and other specific needs; the review of interior design so as to integrate, functionality, aesthetics, practicality as well as cost.

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