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5 Critical Components For Planning a Successful Spa

Market Evaluation

  • Site evaluation and geographic location evaluation
  • Development of preliminary concept plan which integrates client’s vision as well as functional lay-out (Saga or client architect)
  • Financial proformas
  • Preliminary cost projections for FF&E and Pre-opening for spa
  • Competition analysis and preliminary market position for spa

Concept Development
Development of:

  • Design brief / outline
  • Preliminary space and facility program
  • Concept plans (Saga architect or Client architect)
  • Vision and philosophy
  • Action plan and time lines

Position in market
Development of:

  • Spa “identity”, cultural and other unique characteristics
  • Business objectives
  • Final Space and facility program
  • Concept plans (Saga architect or Client architect)

Development of schematic and architectural plans
Development of:

  • Complete architectural plans and all interior details (working with saga architect and interior design team or client’s architect and interior design team) which reflect the client’s vision
  • Plans which take into consideration a sustainable operation
  • Plans which create an environment where function and form flow and efficiency of operation is maximal
  • Cooperation and liaison during construction phase with all team members, review and recommendations where appropriate
  • Planning of critical path through opening period
  • Planning of pre-opening work tasks

Development of Effective Operational Plans

  • Preparation of staffing, education and training and other components required to administer services, treatments and program excellence along with excellent service